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5 Tips For Good Toilet Maintenance

Toilets are the most used fixture in the home, so proper maintenance is crucial to avoiding costly repairs. Just as there are things to consider when installing a new toilet or shutting off your toilet's water supply, there are helpful tips we want to share with you to keep your toilet working well and for a long time. Overall these tips should be useful for your home or business.

5 Tips for Good Toilet Maintenance

Don't let a neglected toilet turn into a plumbing nightmare! Here are essential maintenance tips to keep your bathroom's workhorse functioning flawlessly and prevent costly repairs.

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Step 1: Check the Inner Workings

Check the inner workings of your toilet every 6 months to ensure everything is functioning properly.  

  • Take the tank lid off and flush the toilet.

  • Make sure the flapper, connected by a small chain to the toilet handle, is sealing fully.

  • Assure that the fill valve stops running at an appropriate water level. 

  • Check the angle stops (where the valves enter the wall) turning it off and on, to make sure that there is no struggle

Step 2:
Replace The Wax Ring

Replace the wax ring around the toilet around every 4-5 years. The wax ring can go bad, which can cause sewer smell to come up or even leak water at the base of the toilet. Avoid sewer smells and water leaks by contacting Water Heater Pro.

Step 3:
Check For Leaks In The Tank

If you have food coloring at your home there is a simple test you can perform to determine if a leak is present. Place 2-3 drops of food coloring in the tank and wait up to 30 minutes to see if there is colored water in the toilet bowl.  If there is that means that there is a tank leak. This can cause a spike in the water bill and it’s best to call Water Heater Pro to get that fixed. 

Step 4:
Listen For Any Noises After Flushing

Watch out for any squealing or humming in the pipes. If you hear any type of squealing after flushing could mean there is high water pressure in the home. High water pressure can cause damage to the toilet as well as other surrounding plumbing fixtures. Your water pressure should sit at 55/60 and if it doesn’t please contact Water Heater Pro. We can repair the water pressure in your home with one simple call.

Step 5:
Consider a Water Softener

When the water is soft, it helps avoid corroding of the water pipes and gaskets in the toilet. One of the biggest things we see is corroded gaskets which lead to a tank rebuild.

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